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Membership Requirements:
Each Member is expected to be present at team events in a timely manner.

Each member shall pay a monthly membership fee of .00

Each member shall participate in at least one of every two fundraising events

Each member shall have a positive attendance record [members must notify the Team Manager or the Team Captain of any absence(s)

Members who satisfy all of the requirements listed above are said to be in good standing and are eligible for selection to a starting (11) position.

A quorum of no less than two thirds of the club members must be present to confirm a vote.

Each member in good standing will have one vote in an election.

Elections for leadership positions will be held no later than January 15th on an annual basis.

Elections will be held for the following positions:

  • President

  • V.P/ Secretary

  • Financial Officer (two)

  • Public Relations

Elections: Elected Positions - Responsibilities:

  • Provide a vision of growth and continued strength

  • Maintain focus on club goals

  • Lead meetings and other club functions

  • Organize fundraising events

  • Act as team representative


  • Assist Club President as assigned


  • General control over training, coaching, and team selection

  • Assign team Captains

  • Maintain team discipline

Heading 6

Heading 7